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23 April 2014 @ 11:46 am
the limit does not exist! (it is also a Mean Girls 10 year Anniversary soon.. i think)  
the month has been crazy as of late, but as crazy as it is here at the new branch, all is well. i am constantly busy (and on days that i am not, i make myself busy) and i am so so tired but it's all so rewarding when it comes to work~

but this post is not about work, nor my personal life. lately ive felt so irritable and my brain feels like it's stagnant. as if there is no new input, and i just cant deal with it. i need it to constantly be thinking and learning and taking in as much information as it possibly can when i am active (or even send me related dreams while i am asleep). so ive taken an interest in reading the daily crime news from different countries (mainly japan) every now and then since late last year and yesterday i found and interesting read about a woman who went missing. her skeleton was found a year later i believe, in a forest. it got be curious and i started wondering how fast a human body decomposes. so i googled, and found this nifty little article regarding Body Farms and eventually, a fiction book of the same topic. (the article was really interesting, you guys should take a look :O )

anyway how does that relate to this post you ask? well, ive been working on a big life-project lately and this incident hit me like a book (it literally did, a kid threw a book at me yesterday u_u) and that is to keep my brain alive. and how do i do that? by learning. ive decided that each month, i should will myself to study or read up about a certain topic, then, with all my findings i'll document them on one of the files that i have nicely stashed on my writing shelves for future references if i need any (and believe me, i'll definitely need them). this month im reading up on 'Body Farms' as much as i can (it's REALLY interesting) but next month and the following ones... i have no idea!!

help me, flist, drop me random topics in the comments if you can so that i can have different things to read up on each month! it can be totally at random from Alcohol mixing, to Resin crafting, to even the many many MANY aircrafts and ships that have been swallowed up by the Bermuda Triangle!

wow this post got long. uh, bye!
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