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09 September 2014 @ 11:38 am
every few months i gather my thoughts or so, just to pen them down on the internet. of good, of bad, of everything i've felt when life threw me curve balls, of both stupid and smart decisions i've made, none without regret.

so since my last proper post in july, i've come to realise that i've been having so much fun despite the stress built from work. there have been ups and downs lately, but none so bad that i fall face first in the dirt.

the momentum keeps going, the drive is there, and as long as it is then... what better way than to enjoy it all?

work has been crazy, i'm not going to lie, but as out of hand as it gets, there was moral support from all around. helping hands from colleagues, words of encouragement from friends. and let us not forget the voices in songs, those beautiful, soothing sounds.

and inbetween running from office to office, one meeting to the next, day after day after day, i still had the time to plan my trip.

i'm off again to japan this year accompanied by my true partner in crime. what initially was Tokyo and Osaka quickly became Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka, a trip just to watch our boys shine.

All last, as one would say for me because last it will be, and it should be nothing less than to go out with a bang.

and even with cramped schedules with planning and preparing for the new launch of my library, i talked myself into joining a fic-exchange. quite a few thousands of words in a span of four days. quite scary.

so here i am in my office before my shift starts, writing this little nugget whilst still getting the jitters for December. thinking to myself: September, October, and November. come the Twelfth, it will be a trip that i will for the rest of my life remember.
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